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As you’ve probably heard, October’s Prime Day deals are here. Throughout the site today, you’ll find highlights of the best deals found on Amazon, as well as surprisingly good deals on sales from competitors. One thing we didn’t expect were so many great deals from Garmin, with discounts ranging from 22% to 52% for Prime members while October’s Prime Day event is still active. Most people will want to buy their watches, as many Garmin watches are already among the best smartwatches we can find right now. But there are also great navigation devices and other miscellaneous products from Garmin with deep discounts on sale right now. If there is a Garmin product you want, tap the button below and check, it may be on sale. Alternatively, keep scrolling and we’ll highlight some notable deals and eye-catching products from the sale.

What you should check out in the Garmin Prime Day sales

Nobody has time to research everything. Here’s a quick summary of what you should ask about depending on the type of client you are:

I want the biggest deal: He

is 52% discount until Prime Big Deal Days end. While it has the fitness and health features you might expect from other smartwatches, it emphasizes music. Your playlists from Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music can be downloaded to your watch, so you can listen to them (from your headphones) even when your phone is not nearby.

I want the cheapest item: He

It is reduced to only $90, from $170, today. It is a GPS navigator with a 5-inch screen that shows a clearly highlighted map and What will your next outing be like? Perfect for driving in new cities.

I want the best watch: He

Garmin shares highest selling rating after almost 2000 reviews. With solar charging capabilities, it can last up to 14 days without additional charging as long as it receives about three hours of sunlight a day. That makes it one of the most convenient smartwatches you can buy. It’s currently $550, down from $700.

I want something pretty: Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a watch with feminine sensibilities. He

That changes, with its beautiful pink band and light gold metal.

To check out all of Garmin’s offerings, including golf maps, trucker headsets, and more, tap the button below and start exploring for yourself. As noted above, all items are between 22% and 52% off at the time of writing.

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