iOS 16.7.1: Apple warns all iPhone users to update now

Apple released iOS 17 last month and has already updated it more than once to fix security issues. But, let’s say you don’t decide to update, or maybe you couldn’t because your iPhone wasn’t compatible. In both cases, iOS 16.7.1 is for you.

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Which iPhones can run iOS 16.7.1?

The range of iPhones that can run iOS 16.7.1 is the same as other versions of iOS 16, meaning all iPhones released in late 2017 or later. Specifically, this is the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and beyond.

In other words, the three iPhones not covered by iOS 17 are compatible here.

How to get it

To update, just open the Settings app, click General, then Software Update. Click on Download and Install and you will be updated quickly.

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What is in publication

No big details have been released by Apple about what the new version is for, the company only says that the update offers important security fixes and is recommended for all users.

It is worth who wants it. As mentioned above, it works for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X which are not compatible with the latest iOS 17 software.

But it’s not just for those three iPhones. You might have a later iPhone, like the iPhone 11, iPhone 13 mini, or iPhone 14 Pro, but you don’t want to switch to iOS 17, or at least you haven’t yet.

Maybe you were wary of the first versions, maybe you thought it would slow down your phone, or maybe you just didn’t get around to it.

All these reactions are legitimate. But there’s a catch: If you haven’t updated, you’ll miss out on any security improvements and bug fixes that Apple introduces. So while the only way to get the myriad of new features Apple released last month is to jump to iOS 17, the company also wants to make sure all users are protected. Hence iOS 16.7.1 was released.

Although Apple has yet to specify what the update will protect users against, it’s a fair bet to assume it will address the same vulnerabilities seen in the recent iOS 17.0.3.

This is important since some of these relate to topics that are thought to be exploited in the real world. One of the flaws patched for iOS 17 users was a bug in the center of the operating system that could leave your iPhone vulnerable to someone who could get their hands on your iPhone. Another recently patched issue is WebRTC, which is an open source web technology. Apple says in its iOS 17.0.3 notes that this could lead to arbitrary code execution.

If these fixes are in iOS 16.7.1, anyone who hasn’t updated to iOS 17 but whose phone is compatible is advised to update their iPhones now.

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