Microsoft released Windows Holographic version 23H2

Microsoft recently released Windows Holographic version 23H2. This is the latest major update that Microsoft has rolled out for HoloLens devices. Windows Holography version 23H2 (22621.1244) brings many new features to Hololens. Some of these features include NFC card reader support, hand tracking improvements, camera viewfinder, and several bug fixes.

New features of Holographic Windows, version 23H2

Windows Copilot

One of the most important additions to this version is Windows Copilot, which is designed by artificial intelligence. This feature is designed to help users perform everyday tasks such as setting up a new device or troubleshooting. Windows Copilot is part of Microsoft’s push towards the age of artificial intelligence computers. This feature makes Holographic Windows more intuitive and user-friendly.

Performance is improved

Holographic Windows, version 23H2, also includes several performance improvements. These improvements are designed to make the operating system faster and more responsive. This should lead to a better user experience.

Bug fixes and security updates

As with any software release, Windows Holographic, version 23H2, includes several bug fixes and security updates. These updates are designed to improve the stability and security of the operating system. This is essential for any enterprise level software. Some of the bug fixes include screen view policy, virtual keyboard sliding input, reset button display, app search box functionality adjustment, etc. It also adds to the performance and stability of the device.

Supports NFC card reader

Users can use the NFC card reader to log into the HoloLens device. They just need to place the FIDO2 NFC-enabled security card near a USB Type-C NFC card reader for ‘tap and enter password’ login. Experience.

Improved eye tracking speed

For HoloLens 2 users who have not saved an eye tracking calibration, the device will update the eye position (pupillary distance). This happens as soon as the user places it, improving the smoothness of close interactions.

Improved virtual keyboard

This update also added prompts and feedback for voice input. It also brings better sliding input reliability and optimized keyboard suggestions and voice feedback.

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Microsoft Copilot

Improved hand tracking

A manual tracking system is more reliable when users aim at ground objects.

Fonts and input methods have been improved

Simplified Chinese font types and improved Microsoft Pinyin input methods. supports GB18030-2022 standard and can input and display characters in the first or second level character set. Also, it supports characters in Unicode E and F extensions.

Added camera viewfinder

The HoloLens camera app now has a viewfinder that shows the range of the photo or video. The viewfinder does not block the user’s field of view and simply displays the center and edge markers.

New IT Manager policies

A number of new policies have been added to make it easier for IT administrators to manage HoloLens 2 devices. controls Settings for moving the start menu, blocking USB peripherals, recommending domain name logins, etc.

How to get Holographic Windows, version 23H2

Windows Holographic, version 23H2, is available as an activation pack. This means users can upgrade to this version without having to do a full install. This update is available through Windows Update for Business (WUfB), Windows Server Update Service (WSUS), and/or through the Azure Marketplace. Business users can also request free Microsoft support if they encounter any issues while running this update.


Windows Holographic, version 23H2, is a significant update to Microsoft’s mixed reality operating system. With the addition of Windows Copilot and several performance improvements, this release is designed to make using Windows Holographic more intuitive and user-friendly. If you are a Holographic Windows user, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest version to take advantage of these new features and improvements.

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