With the release of the Pixel 8, Google removed the popular camera feature


  • Google is removing the Photo Spheres feature from Google Camera 9.1, marking the end of its 11-year run. It allowed users to capture a complete 360-degree view of their surroundings.
  • Photo Spheres was a simple but exciting way to create immersive memories of places. Globes can be viewed on Google Cardboard headsets and uploaded to Google Maps.
  • This feature has been removed in the latest version of Google’s camera app for the Pixel 8 series, but is still present in the older version used in previous Pixel models. The future of Photo Sphere in these models is uncertain.

Take a moment and mentally travel back to the early 2010s. The launch of Google Cardboard, the exciting new launches of Samsung’s Galaxy series of smartphones, the relatively new operating system called Android — there are unique and exciting moments to choose from. Photo Spheres, a special feature of Google Camera, was introduced in 2012 and we were very excited at the time. Now, after 11 years at the forefront of our photographic minds, Google is taking the mode out of Pixel phones with the launch of the Google Pixel 8 series.

In 2012, in the Google Camera app, Photo Spheres allowed people to capture a full 360-degree view of their surroundings. No need to take a boring panoramic photo to get a “fuller” view of your landscape, people can really experience the excitement of a place by capturing it from any angle. When using the mode, a number of points around you appear through your camera lens, and every time you hold your phone over them, it takes a photo from that angle. After moving around your location, making sure you’re pointing your phone in every possible way, Google Camera will create a large 360 ​​photo based on all the individual points you’ve moused over.


Taking a spherical photo on the Pixel 7

It was a primitive, but easy and exciting way to create immersive memories of wonderful places. When Google Cardboard first made waves in 2014, it made Photo Spheres even more useful. In a nice integration of Google products, you can view Google Sphere images on Cardboard headsets, making it feel like you’re right back at the spot where you took the sphere photo. It even worked alongside Google Street View and Google Maps, allowing users to upload panoramic photos to Maps for others to see.

However, as reported by 9to5Google, Photo Spheres has been removed from Google Camera 9.1. The Google Pixel 8 series will come with that version, thus ending the life of this mode. Google offered no explanation for its move, which is a shame. It was never a perfect feature, and had more than its fair share of bugs, but it was a fun novelty to take full advantage of when you really want to go the extra mile to enjoy the moment.

Interestingly, Google Camera 9.0 – the old version, when the Pixel 8 series was released – still has this feature. This version is still used by older versions of the Pixel, such as the Google Pixel 7 series and the Google Pixel Fold. We still don’t know if they’ll be updated to Google Camera 9.1, or if Photo Spheres will also be completely removed from these models. We can only say for certain that this will not be the case with the Pixel 8 phones when they hit the shelves.

It’s sure to be a disappointment to some, but the feature lives on—sort of—with Google Meet’s newest virtual backgrounds that make you feel like you’re standing in the middle of a sphere. No matter what happens, it’s an exciting time to be in the Google ecosystem as the Google Pixel 8 launches worldwide tomorrow, October 12th. We are jealous that some people have already received their pre-orders early. We really think the Google Pixel 8 Pro lives up to its name and is the best way to see the future of Google smartphones, while the Google Pixel 8 is more than enough for the masses.

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