You will totally regret buying the Belkins MagSafe Car Mount at this Prime Day sale

Perhaps my most used accessory is this MagSafe car mount from Belkin, which is 23% off for Prime Day.

Belkin Magsaf car base

Belkin Car Vent Mount Pro

The best MagSafe car mount

31 dollars 40 dollars Save $9

The Belkin Car Vent Mount Pro uses MagSafe to mount your iPhone to your car’s air conditioning vents. This is a great way to mount your smartphone in almost any car. Best of all, it’s only $31 for a limited-time Prime Day deal.

Although our phones can be very useful while driving, they can be very dangerous if not used properly. That’s why great car mounts are the best way to use your smartphone hands-free while driving safely. However, not all car mounts are created equal, and a bad car mount can throw your phone out of whack. That’s why I use Belkin’s Car Vent Mount Pro, which holds my iPhone with MagSafe and securely attaches to my car’s air conditioning vents. This is probably my most used MagSafe accessory, and you can get it for a sweet 23% off during this killer Prime Big Deal Days deal.

Why you don’t want to miss this Prime Day deal

The Belkin fan base is connected to the air conditioning valves of the car.

Many car stands are large and clumsy, which is why I didn’t use a car stand at all for a long time. That changed when Apple introduced MagSafe because it gave manufacturers a new way to mount iPhones in cars. Belkin’s Car Vent Mount Pro was the first car mount to be MagSafe certified, and I used it first. Not only do I own a Car Vent Mount Pro, but I have recommended it to countless family members and friends. Apart from having a stylish and industrial design language, it is also functional and you won’t have to worry about your phone flying if you brake.

That’s because the Belkin Car Vent Mount Pro takes an unusual approach to mounting in your car’s air conditioning vents. Most car mounts have adjustable clips that can sometimes fail and cause your phone to fall right off the mount. However, Belkin’s option mounts on an air-conditioning vent with a flexible rubber clip that can withstand sudden impacts by bending. Plus, since your iPhone attaches to the dock with MagSafe, you know it won’t go anywhere thanks to the strong magnetic force of the MagSafe standard. I have never accidentally disconnected the phone from the Car Vent Mount Pro. In fact, I mounted an iPad mini with the Car Vent Mount Pro using this MagSafe sticker loop, and it still wouldn’t budge.

The best Prime Day deals are on products we still recommend at regular prices. At a regular price of $40, I highly recommend the Belkin Car Vent Pro for anyone who wants a place for their iPhone while driving. Now that a Prime Day deal is 23% off the Car Vent Mount Pro, there’s no reason not to pick it up for just $31. Plus, if you want the version that supports Qi wireless charging, that model is also discounted.


Belkin BoostCharge Pro wireless car charger

Excellent car charging base

80 dollars 100 dollars Save $20

The Belkins BoostCharge Pro Wireless Car Charger takes the excellent Car Vent Mount Pro and adds a Qi-compatible charger. In fact, it’s the first MagSafe-certified car charging dock on the market. At just $80 for Prime Day, it’s a steal.

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