macOS 15: 5 features we want to see in the 2024 Mac update

In June, Apple unveiled macOS Sonoma during WWDC23. Since then, we’ve been testing this version on the latest Macs and trying out new features. However, at this point, we’ve used almost all of the new additions and changes, and we’re anticipating the next major release. macOS 15 may be announced as early as June, and while there’s a lot to look forward to, there are five specific features I’d like to see.

1 iOS notification mirroring

iPhone notifications on Mac

macOS Sonoma supports iOS widgets on the Mac, allowing users to glance at real-time information from their computers when their iPhones are nearby. In macOS 15, we want Apple to take this integration a step further by bringing support for iOS notifications to the Mac.

My Apple Watch Series 9 can show me notifications I receive on my iPhone 15 Pro Max, while watchOS 10 allows me to respond to those notifications even if their respective apps aren’t available on the smartwatch itself. There’s nothing stopping Apple from porting this feature to the Mac, making it easier to interact with iPhone notifications on the big screen while working.

Widgets that run on macOS Sonoma

With macOS Sonoma, Apple allowed users to place widgets on the desktop. While this is a welcome change that I rely on daily, this feature is half-baked. Unlike iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, macOS Sonoma users still can’t use widget stacks, which allow you to stack multiple widgets and shuffle them as needed. I just hope this change makes it to macOS 15 to simplify my home screen settings on my devices.

3 Health, fitness and translation programs

Health app in iPadOS 17 beta

With iPadOS 17, Apple finally brought the Health app to the iPad, allowing users to view their health and fitness data on the big screen. Not everyone uses an iPad, though, and we’d love to see a dedicated Health app on the Mac. Considering that Macs equipped with M can run iOS apps natively, Apple doesn’t need much effort to port the iPadOS version of this app to macOS.

Similarly, the Fitness app isn’t yet available on macOS, making it difficult for those who use a Mac as their big screen to get comfortable. While users can rely on AirPlay to mirror workout videos from iOS to macOS, the implementation is a bit clunky and doesn’t necessarily display workout metrics on screen.

Another missing program is translation. While users can select and translate text and web pages in macOS, there is no dedicated app to use all the features offered in iOS and iPadOS. We hope that macOS 15 will address these shortcomings.

4 iCloud device backup

iPhone 15 Pro Max is lying on the laptop.

With iCloud+ now allowing users up to 14TB of cloud storage, it’s about time macOS supported iCloud device backups. Currently, users can rely on Time Machine to create local backups of their systems, but there’s still no way to back up an entire computer to the cloud like iPhones and iPads. The existence of this option in macOS 15 simplifies the life of users and goes towards further simplifying Apple services. Speaking of which…

5 Simplify the version of the operating system

Apple devices

With each annual wave of Apple’s operating system updates, the company introduces new features that work across iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. While the new additions mostly match, the OS version numbers don’t. Currently, iOS and iPadOS are at 17, while macOS is still at 14. With iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 18 in 2024, the company is moving closer to a simple Apple operating system that empowers. All of its devices

While these different operating systems will probably never merge, they are slowly becoming similar iterations of each other. This is especially evident in the Mac’s user interface, which is more like its mobile counterparts, while the iPad has more advanced PC features, such as resizable app windows.

macOS is already mature

There’s not much to ask for on the Mac side. macOS is already mature and provides almost all the features and tools I need to work and crash. However, there are still a few missing pieces of the puzzle that could further contribute to this maturity. While macOS 15 is still a few months away, we should be patient and make the most of macOS Sonoma and its subsequent minor 14.x updates.

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