You can now chat with one of the creepy AI meta characters

Artificial intelligence is everywhere and will only continue to dominate our lives. You don’t even need to download anything specific to AI to try it yourself. In fact, you can do it directly from Instagram. Meta now has its AI chatbots in its various products including Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger and a weird Experience.

What are metas artificial intelligence chatbots?

During its chat, Meta announced its AI bots Meta Connect 2023 Last month’s event Now, all 28 bots are here: they’re built on the open-source Llama 2 Large Language Model (LLM) and can connect to the Internet via Bing to provide up-to-date answers to your questions.

All 28 chat bots have their own unique personality and the meta requires you to chat with different bots for different conversations. For example, the company might ask you to chat with a travel expert when you’re looking for tips on an upcoming trip, or with a cooking expert when you’re thinking of making something new for dinner.

But there’s a catch: Fifteen of these chatbots are actually based on celebrities. Meta tapped these actors, chefs, athletes, and personalities to use their likenesses as AI robots. While the bots are currently text-only, meaning you can’t have a face-to-face conversation with Tom Brady, the idea is that they’re good. Text In addition, like celebrities, they appear in floating windows above the chat and react to different parts of the conversation:

Here is the full list of Metas AI bots you can chat with:

  • Lorena (Padma Lakshmi): Travel expert
  • Bro (Tom Brady): Confident sports debater
  • Dungeon Master (Snoop Dogg): Adventurous storyteller
  • Tamika (Naomi Osaka): Anime fanatic
  • Billie (Kendall Jenner): Ride or Die Big Sister
  • Amber (Paris Hilton): Crime-solving detective
  • Max (Roy Choi): Seasoned chef’s sauce
  • Coco (Charlie Damelio): Passionate about dancing
  • Louise (Isreal Adesanya): MMA specialist
  • Perry (Chris Paul): Acceptable golf pro
  • Dylan (LaurDIY): DIYer eccentric
  • Victor (Dwyane Wade): Motivational triathlete
  • Zack (Mr. Beast): Bro joker
  • Sally (Sam Kerr): free friend
  • Angie (Raven Ross): Fitness enthusiast

There are also non-famous AI chatbots you can chat with:

  • Meta Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence Assistant
  • Talia: A Guide to Fantasy Adventures
  • Brian: warm grandfather
  • Izzy: Aspiring singer and songwriter
  • Scarlett: The ultimate hip woman
  • Becca: Devoted dog mom
  • Alvin the Alien: The Strange Alien
  • Bob the Robot: The sarcastic robot
  • Lily: Creative Writing Partner
  • Carter: The Practical Dating Coach
  • Jane Austen (lol): Opinion writer
  • Leo: Professional trainer
  • Jade: Obsessed with hip hop
  • Liu: open-hearted mom

How to try Metas AI chatbots for yourself

As of this article, Metas chatbots should be enabled across its apps. To get started, activate Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp, then start a new chat. However, instead of selecting one of your contacts, select AI Chat. Tap Continue on the pop-up window and you’ll be greeted by a chat with an AI window. Here, you can chat with the entire cast of AI characters, including AI assistant Metas.

The thing is, talking to these chatbots is weird. It’s not like you feel like you’re talking to Snoop Dogg or Kendall Jenner (you’re not) and it also doesn’t feel like you’re talking to these famous people playing a character. Instead, it looks like you’re messaging an amateur screenwriter. That said, more specific characters, like Max the chef or Lorena the travel expert, seem to provide relevant hints about their niches, which is likely a combination of information found in their training as well as what they get from Bing. (Remember: AI is prone to making things up, so don’t rely on it Both Highly recommend them.)

You can also use Meta AI Assistant in a similar way ChatGPT, including as an artificial intelligence image generator. Just start a command with /image followed by your request. That being said, the meta has put training wheels on all of these features, so you’re going to run into resistance quick If you try anything inappropriate, Izzy, an aspiring songwriter, didn’t like the lyrics I passed over, and suggested I write about the beauty of nature instead, while the meta AI image maker repeated over and over. It refused my requests until I gave it something innocent and boring (and even then, it spits this out).

Notice: Imagine we lived on the planet Saturn and had five suns.  Notice the Metas watermark on the AI ​​generated image.

Notice: Imagine we lived on the planet Saturn and had five suns. Notice the Metas watermark on the AI ​​generated image.
Image: Jake Patterson

When chatting with an AI chatbot actually feels like a conversation, and not just an orchestrated, back-and-forth text conversation, then I’ll have my concerns about the technology. But for now, it’s an interesting experiment that the meta likely paid off Lots of money for Try some of these bots yourself and see what you can make of them.

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