Apples AirTags now on sale for $39 so you never have to lose anything again

If losing your keys or wallet was a reliable source of daily stress, maybe it’s time to invest in something to de-stress. Thanks to modern technology (and a small deal on Amazon), Apple’s AirTag may be small, but this device is powerful.

They are small, simple and deceptively easy to use. Slip one into your wallet, attach another to your keys, and maybe even leave one in your luggage to track on your travels. Once placed, the real magic begins. You’ll never have to rummage through your house for keys or worry about lost luggage at airports.

AirTag is now on sale on Amazon for $39(sold at retailin $45 in official Apple stores).

AirTag, $39, Buy it on Amazon. There is also a four-pack option if you need more than one that sells for $149.

Even beyond the stress of losing things, there’s another reason to consider AirTags. We live in a world where the line between public and private has never been more blurred. From data breaches to nosy neighbors, it seems like everyone is trying to get a peek into our lives. AirTags, with their privacy features, offer peace of mind.

They work in sync with Apple’s Find My app and the system is designed to keep your location information private and secure. No one can use AirTags to track your movements unless you’re trying to find that lost wallet.

Get complementary accessories for your AirTags:

Waterproof Case with Keychain for Apple Airtag (4-Pack), $12.99, buy it on Amazon

PU Leather Case with Keychain for Apple Airtag, $15.99, buy it on Amazon

Belkin Secure Holder with Strap for AirTag, $19, buy it on Amazon

Some GPS alternatives (AirTags work with Bluetooth):

Portable GPS Tracking Device (5 Pack)

Like AirTag, this one can be used to track your stuff through an app. These trackers have a very long battery life, lasting up to six months. You save a lot by buying the pack of five trackers too!

Wearable GPS Tracking Device (5-Pack), $26.79, Buy it on Amazon

Water Drop Shape Smart GPS Tracker (4 Pack)

Accustomed to the fancy buttons offered by Apple and other brands? These waterdrop-shaped trackers also come in different colors and work the same way an AirTag would. Not only is the 4-pack a cheaper alternative, but the shape looks better as a real tag, especially for pets.

Water Drop Shape Smart GPS Tracker (4 Pack), $25.09, Buy it on Amazon

LandAirSea 54 GPS Locator

You can use this discreet yet powerful device on your personal belongings, but it can also be attached to cars and vehicles. Track location in the app, even on Google Maps.

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker, $65.39, Buy it on Amazon

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