Google Play Services Update Enables Seamless Wear OS 4 Watch Transfers


  • Wear OS 4 devices can now seamlessly connect to a new phone without needing to restart the device, thanks to a new system update from Google.
  • Google Play Services version 23.39 allows the transfer of Wear OS 4 watches to different Android phones without the hassle of a hard reset.
  • While Wear OS 4 had some teething issues with Google Assistant and Wi-Fi connectivity, it introduced beneficial features like Emergency Sharing, Safety Check, Google Tasks, and a new Google Calendar app.

If you’re a dedicated smartwatch user, you already know the hassle that can come with connecting one of these devices to your phone. However, for the portable device to sync and function properly, this connection is essential. However, even the best Android smartwatches require you to hard reset the device if you want to transfer it between phones. Now, Google is making this process easier for Wear OS 4 device owners: a new system update avoids the need to reboot and start from scratch.

Details of the system updates posted on Google’s support page show that starting October 4, Wear OS 4 devices could seamlessly connect to multiple phones. However, that wasn’t actually the case as the feature was dependent on an update to the phone that is just rolling out. But now that Google Play Services version 23.39 is hitting devices, you’ll no longer have to deal with the hassle of resetting your Wear OS 4 watch if you need to transfer it to a different phone.

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Other Google system updates that have been rolled out so far in October 2023 include, of course, stability improvements and bug fixes. However, some notable adjustments have also been made to the Google Play Store. For example, version 37.8, which was released on October 2, made it easier for users to find information about app compatibility for different devices. Additionally, it gave users the option to download apps directly to their Google Play library.

Wear OS 4 was well received by many when it debuted in September 2023, but it was not without its problems. For example, Google Assistant was hit or miss in terms of responding to prompts while on the watch face. Wi-Fi connectivity was also noticeably unstable at times, with some watches having difficulty sending messages directly from the device.

That said, Wear OS 4 included many beneficial features. Some of these were initially included by default with the Pixel Watch 2, but were eventually implemented in its predecessor (Emergency Sharing and Safety Check, just to name two). Google Tasks were also integrated and the new Google Calendar app became widely available.

While there is certainly room for improvement, many conveniences have been added with the arrival of Wear OS 4 that make it a worthwhile upgrade. Google will also likely continue to provide updates to make Wear OS 4 as functional and versatile as possible for users. If you’ve been putting off investing in a new Android smartwatch, now isn’t a bad time to take the plunge.

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