More rumors point to a premium Galaxy Watch ‘Ultra’ with MicroLED display

What you need to know

  • A report claims that Samsung is working on a “Galaxy Watch Ultra” model, similar to the Apple Watch Ultra.
  • It will supposedly use MicroLED display materials found in Samsung TVs and will cost “an arm and a leg.”
  • We’ve previously heard rumors that both Samsung and Apple are developing MicroLED watch displays.

After ditching the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro for the Watch 6 Classic, we’ve long suspected Samsung might return to a next-gen Pro design. But if this latest rumor is to be believed, Samsung may launch a Galaxy Watch Ultra, in addition to or instead of the Watch 7 Pro.

Gizmochina claims through an unsourced “rumor” that Samsung is developing a Galaxy Watch Ultra that will use a MicroLED panel produced by Samsung Display. This screen would not be available on the standard Galaxy Watch 7 due to how expensive it will be to produce.

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