Rumored new Garmin health features and two smartwatches

A report from the5krunner suggests that new Garmin smartwatches are on the way, possibly a follow-up to the Enduro 2 model (above). (Image source: Garmin)

Several new Garmin features and two new smartwatch models are rumored to be in the works. As reported by the5krunner, from an unknown source, improvements will be made to Garmin Connect, new health tracking tools will be added, and additional workout customization will become possible.

New Garmin features and smartwatch models are rumored to be on the way; A report from the5krunner shares inside information from an unknown source. First, Garmin will provide more customization in Garmin Connect through Focus. Focus options could include Performance, Fitness, and Health, adjusting the metrics displayed on the apps home screen. It is believed that any ongoing goals or challenges will also have a more prominent position.

Garmin is expected to add overnight skin temperature tracking, a feature that was first rumored earlier this year. Measurements will be taken using sensors already integrated into various models. Another new tool is self-guided plans, which you can use to create a personalized training plan with race distance goals and a target number of weekly workouts. Plus, a new workout benefits feature will help you determine which workouts to use to achieve high effort, improve health, improve VO2Max, and maintain speed. This could link to the Self-Guided Plans tool, quickly filtering to find workouts suitable for your schedule.

We also recently reported that a new SpO2 event field had been detected in the Garmin Connect app. Lastly, rumors suggest that two new watches are on the way. The new Garmin models are believed to be in the Fenix/Epix category, and the5krunner proposes that the new wearable could be in the Enduro range. It’s unclear when Garmin will officially announce these new features or wearables.

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