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published: 2023-10-18T05:22:30

updated: 2023-10-18T05:22:44

Zero Latency has lifted the veil on its latest and most terrifying virtual reality experience, with Outbreak being another impressive step for the company as they come up with completely immersive and unique gaming simulations that you can’t replicate anywhere else. , shows the envelope. No longer did we practically, literally, go bold with this new creation and walk away from the immersion level in awe.

The Dexerto Australia team was lucky enough to be invited to launch Zero Latencys latest VR experience. Outbreak is a zombie-infested simulation in which a team of eight players are strapped into their headsets, given a physical weapon to carry, and forced to fight their way through hordes of undead.

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Movement is key in this unique VR experience, with all players on a grid in a giant warehouse, as the simulation maps your real-world movement and tracks each step in virtual space. So with this unrivaled degree of immersion, physically walking through the 3D space around you, every little scare becomes more terrifying.

Although many of the game’s movements feel seamless with your actual steps, the few times you’re forced to climb a ramp or descend deep into some dirty sewers will bend your mind outside of your body. Experience.

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Zero delay

The Zero Latency VR Outbreak experience was decorated with the iconic zombie-themed decor.

While you’re physically standing firmly on the ground, with your feet firmly planted, moving up and down in the game completely tricks your brain, as you feel the need to move forward on a level despite Go straight, up or down.

Another unique moment in Outbreak requires players to navigate along a rooftop channel. And while not everyone is afraid of heights, looking down in this highly detailed world feels like you could fall off at any moment.

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Great use of some great hardware

As stated on the Zero Latency website, this experience includes the following hardware to make games run as smoothly as possible. The new remote rendering stack with the custom HTC VIVE Focus 3 headset allows customers to explore Zero Latencys award-winning experiences through 5K video and 3D spatial audio, with nothing more than a headset.

With its 3D spatial sound, Outbreak does a surreal job of making you feel like you’re right in the heart of a zombie apocalypse. During the show, I often found myself hearing moans and groans from the bands behind me, only to turn around and face the dead.

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Graphically, the HTC VIVE Focus 3 headset is smooth and crisp, providing gamers with clear vision without feeling like you’re strapped to a giant headset while on the go. And anyone who fears motion sickness needn’t fear, the clarity along with your actual motion will help alleviate any issues in this area.

Finally, as you’d expect from a VR experience surrounded by others, Zero Latency has taken strong measures to ensure you’re not always bumping into each other. When a player appears to be too close to another player, an alert will appear through the headset, with Dorito figures covering the adjacent player.

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While of course, this doesn’t completely eliminate your chance of encountering your teammates, it does provide some useful boundaries, especially early on when you’re still trying to get a feel for dimensions. Gain experience.

No lag VR Outbreak imZero delay

Outbreak was a special VR experience and kept us going the whole way.

All in all, Zero Latencys is Outbreak’s latest VR experience, one that makes the most of its hardware and concept. For those who love the genre and anything truly innovative in the tech space, pick up your friends and head to the nearest Zero Latency venue found around the world.

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