Wear OS 4 makes taking screenshots less annoying


  • Taking screenshots on Wear OS watches has been inconsistent and cumbersome, but with Wear OS 4, Google is simplifying the process.
  • You can now take a screenshot on the Pixel Watch or Pixel Watch 2 by pressing the crown and recent menu buttons simultaneously, just like on a Samsung Galaxy Watch.
  • The new method of taking screenshots will likely be the same on all watches running Wear OS 4, making it easier to use and eliminating the need for a companion phone app.

Taking a screenshot on an Android phone or tablet is as easy as pressing a couple of buttons at the same time. But the same is not true for Wear OS watches. The experience is wildly inconsistent and cumbersome across devices. On the original Pixel Watch, you needed to use the Watch companion app on your phone to take a screenshot of the watch screen, which didn’t make much sense. Fortunately, with Wear OS 4, Google is making it easier to take screenshots on smartwatches.

Like the best Android phones, you just have to simultaneously press the crown and the recent menu button on the Pixel Watch or Pixel Watch 2 (via the Google News Telegram group). As soon as you release the buttons, the handheld will take a screenshot. An animation will appear to confirm this. Additionally, a notification will appear on the paired phone indicating that a screenshot was taken.

This is exactly how Samsung lets you take screenshots on its Galaxy Watch line. It’s no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 line is our top pick on the list of best Android smartwatches. TicWatch also offers a similar method on its Wear OS watches.

Presumably, the new process of taking a screenshot will remain the same on all watches running Wear OS 4. This method is much simpler and easier to use, as it eliminates the use of the companion phone app for a task. so basic. Given the troubled launch of Wear OS 3, it’s unclear when existing smartwatches will receive the Wear OS 4 update.

Samsung was the first to make Wear OS 4 available for its existing watches in early September, and its close relationship with Google apparently gave it exclusive access to the operating system over others. The Wear OS 4 update to the original Pixel Watch has also just started rolling out, although it’s missing new watch faces and Do Not Disturb sync.

In addition to this basic improvement, Wear OS 4 includes other improvements. Thanks to the underlying optimizations, the operating system offers better performance and smoother animations. It also introduces a new watch face format and the Watch Face Studio tool, which allows for easy watch face development. Other major changes include the ability to transfer the watch to another device without rebooting, cloud backup and restore, and new security features.

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