Wear OS 4 update for original Pixel Watch includes Watch Transfer, improved notifications, and more

Key takeaways

  • The Wear OS 4 update for the Pixel Watch brings a host of new features, including the ability to transfer the watch to a new phone without restarting it and a backup and restore feature for seamless data migration.
  • Included in the update are enhanced safety features such as Safety Check, Emergency Sharing and Emergency Info, allowing users to easily access medical information or send it to emergency services if necessary.
  • Improved notifications are introduced, including smart link recognition for phone numbers and addresses, media preview for images and GIFs, and customization options for text, magnification, and audio balance. This update significantly improves the user experience on the Pixel Watch.

Google recently launched the Pixel Watch 2 with Wear OS 4, while the original Pixel Watch remained with Wear OS 3.5. That changes today, when the company rolls out the Wear OS 4 update to its first in-house smartwatch. The incoming update brings a host of new features, security updates, bug fixes, performance improvements, and battery improvements. It will roll out to all supported devices in phases “over the coming weeks.”

One of the main new features of the updated software is the ability to transfer your Pixel Watch to your new phone without having to factory reset it. There is also a ‘backup and restore’ feature that allows users to back up their data and settings from their old Pixel Watch” so they can easily switch to a new Pixel Watch while keeping all their data, settings. and clock faces in their place.” This update will also pre-install the new Google Calendar app on the Pixel Watch, allowing users to receive event and task notifications, view a 30-day schedule, and more.

The Wear OS 4 update also brings improved security features, including security verification, emergency sharing, and emergency information. The new features allow users to keep their most important medical information easily accessible on their watch or send it to emergency services if necessary. Additionally, there are new customization features, including a faster text-to-speech engine and audio balance to adjust sound intensity between the right and left audio channels. New accessibility features include a bold text option, better magnification, and more.

Finally, the Wear OS 4 update brings improved notifications to the first-generation Pixel Watch. As part of the agreement, notifications will now have smart link recognition of phone numbers and addresses, allowing users to call, send messages or get directions with a simple touch. Notifications also feature media preview feature, allowing users to take a look at images and GIFs without leaving the notification shade. Overall, the incoming software is a major update for the Pixel Watch and should substantially improve the user experience.

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