Mihira’s AI by Raja Koduri raises the endgame from the ashes of its intel

Former AMD and Intel graphics executive Raja Koduri seems to be one of those creators who won’t give up on a project they see potential in, judging by how his new company, Mihira AI, is handling projects that Intel has decided to stop them. In this case, it appears that Mihira is looking to acquire IP left over from the company’s work on Project Endgame – a network-based solution that aims to provide additional graphics power to local hardware at the push of a button. This report is provided by EE Times.

Project Endgame was announced by Intel in 2022, but work on the feature was quiet even during the period when it was supposed to be available as a beta. However in July of this year (about four months after Raja Koduri jumped from Intel to his new company Mihira AI), Intel announced via Twitter that the project was on “indefinite hold”.

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Image Source : www.tomshardware.com

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