Skynode X: Uterion’s updated all-in-one computing platform for robotics

Auterion, the company creating the future of software for mobile robotics and supplying the world’s leading drone manufacturers, has released an update to its popular all-in-one solution for drones, Skynode X. Otrion’s technology for autonomous computing enables a diverse range of robots to perform dangerous and mundane tasks, deliver goods and assist in life-saving missions.

Skynode X not only retains all the core functionality of the original product, but also provides access to the most advanced technology available, ensuring superior performance, unmatched reliability and flawless accuracy. Highlights include:

Skynode and AuterionOS lead software-defined robotics fleets by providing the highest levels of integration. said Lorenz Mayer, CEO and founder of Auterion.

  • A powerful yet lightweight design that is 30% thinner and 15% lighter than its predecessor. All major components are combined into a single hardware, allowing for easy integration into small or space-constrained vehicles without compromising performance capabilities.
  • It features the latest Flight Management Unit (FMU), the FMUv6x, which brings enhanced performance, stability and reliability. With 2x the computing power and 2x the RAM, it provides more room for the performance of larger vehicles that require features such as large CAN networks.

Advanced Computer Vision Support The new Vision Software Development Kit can be used to develop custom applications for Skynode X or install third-party applications that add new capabilities such as GPS-free navigation, vision-guided landings on mobile landing pads, and obstacle detection.

Skynode and AuterionOS lead software-defined robotics fleets by providing the highest levels of integration. said Lorenz Mayer, CEO and founder of Auterion. Updates to Skynode X ensure that we meet the independence, reliability and flexibility our customers need, so large retailers can adopt and scale drone delivery applications, and governments can carry out their missions more efficiently and safely. »

Since its initial launch in 2020, Skynode has enabled dozens of manufacturers to successfully develop a range of robotic systems with Oterion OS. These drones perform various tasks including repetitive, precise or even dangerous tasks in any commercial or government environment. Current applications include search and rescue missions, cargo delivery, hazardous terrain mapping, and surveillance missions.

Skynode X can be used on any size vehicle – multicopters, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, rovers and boats. Other features:

  • It provides a versatile solution at a relatively low cost to integrate the Auterion software platform into different types of robots – reducing the time and costs of hardware and software integration.
  • It combines all the major components into one piece of hardware, making it easier to integrate than assembling many separate components.
  • It supports large organizations to build on open source foundations.
  • It allows car manufacturers to gain value in the open source hardware/software ecosystem.

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