The death of Google’s Iris AR glasses may be an exaggeration

What do you want to know?

  • A beta update to Google’s app shows code that refers to “Iris,” a mixed reality glasses project that was previously thought to have been canceled.
  • The code shows an option to “touch and hold the right temple to talk to your assistant,” aka Google Assistant.
  • Google reportedly has several AR or XR glasses projects in the works, codenamed Betty, Barry, and Moohan, in addition to (or instead of) Iris.

A few months ago, we heard reports that Google was canceling Project Iris, mixed reality smart glasses with the ability to translate in real time or augment your view with Google Maps directions. Now, it seems that Iris – or a revived version of the project – still exists and is included in Google’s plans.

9to5Google reported that it found the following code string in Google’s beta program (emphasis ours): “iris_finish_setup_description_no_hotword”>To talk to your assistant, just touch and hold the right temple.“

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