The camera app on the Pixel 8 has ruined one of my favorite Pixel features

Rita Al Khoury / Android Authority

I take thousands and thousands of photos with my phone every year. It started with Nokia’s excellent cameras in the mid-2000s, and for the past six years, I’ve had Pixel phones as my daily drivers. So, you can imagine I’m used to the Pixel’s camera app. I love its simplicity and mostly enjoy its updated UI, but I do enjoy that annoying selfie camera button switch, but I didn’t expect Google to screw up another aspect of its camera app specifically on the Pixel 8 series. slow

When I started taking 180+ photos with the Pixel 8 Pro, I immediately noticed that the sliders were gone. You know, the ones you use to adjust brightness, shadows, and white balance. It was strange, I thought. I went into settings to enable them, because that’s where those sliders can be turned on and off, but they weren’t there. surprised

Google moved the three easily accessible brightness, shade, and white balance sliders to three separate menus under manual control.

For a while I thought I was going crazy until I remembered Id seen those options in the Pixel 8 Pro’s manual controls. theydoes not want, they? As it turns out, they did. Google moved the three easily accessible on-screen sliders to three separate menus under manual control. And this affects Both Pixel 8 Pro and 8even though the latter has no specific manual controls.

To quote myself, who shared this discovery with othersAndroid Authority When I first started testing the Pixel 8, I’m LIVID.

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One extra hit is one hit too many, but three hits?

Google pixel 8 pro camera manual controls vs pixel 7 pro slider 1

Rita Al Khoury / Android Authority

Say I want to change the brightness of a photo before taking it. On the Pixel 7 series and earlier, I only move the brightness slider. prosperity done. I can readjust a million times on the go to get my shots exactly how I want them. One of my favorite features.

On the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, I have to tap the manual controls button in the bottom right first, then change the brightness. (First set to default brightness.) An extra hit doesn’t seem like much, right?

But what about changing the shadows or white balance? For Pixel 7 and older phones, this is as simple as swiping the on-screen counters. For the Pixel 8 series, I have to go to the manual controls first, then select the shadow or white balance menus, and then use the slider. Two additional hits

This is extra tapping. It is time consuming. And by now I’ve probably lost my shot.

OK, so what if I want to change all three aspects of a photo? Well, once again, just slide them onto the Pixel 7. Or grab your Pixel 8 and do the most annoying maneuver: opening the manual controls, adjusting the brightness, selecting a shade and changing it, then selecting the white balance and fixing it. And that’s assuming I’m completely happy with my selection and only move each slider once. If I need to reset something, I have to tap to go back to it. So at least three extra hits. And it is a very time consuming process. By now, I’ve probably lost my shot.

Brightness, shadow, and white balance sliders no longer appear on Pixel 8 and 8 Pro screens. To get them, you need to tap the manual controls button on the bottom right (see the red pointer in the image) and then you can control the brightness, shadow and white balance.

This is a regression feature with no rollback option

Google pixel 8 pro 2 manual camera controls

Rita Al Khoury / Android Authority

Which is feature regression, plain and simple. I understand why this seemed like a good decision. For example, it’s cleaner and clearer to put all the manual controls in one menu, especially on the Pixel 8 Pro where you also get shutter speed, focus and ISO. For two, the Pixels are some of the best camera phones out there, and their camera app is usually good enough to take a great photo on its own, without any manual tweaks.

Pixel cameras are not infallible. I used to love how I could fix shadows and white balance on the fly.

But Pixels are far from foolproof cameras. As someone who has taken thousands and thousands of photos, I can say that on average I use the slider about 10% of the time to really get the photo I want and feel is more realistic. This is not an insignificant percentage that will negatively affect usability.

Also, why isn’t this an option? Why am I forced to use a poor camera interface on the latest phone after years of muscle memory and comfort? Just add the slider option in the settings so that people like me who like to manually control some parts of their snaps can continue to do so. And those who just point and shoot can have a cleaner and simpler user interface.

I used to love how I could instantly fix shadows and white balance on my pixels. Now I get a little annoyed every time I have to do this because it’s become an unnecessarily slow and cumbersome process. Fix it, Google, please

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