The EU is giving Meta and TikTok a week to explain their actions against misinformation

Previously, these platforms were given a 24-hour time frame to respond, which was not legally binding. However, this latest request has the force of law and both companies now have a week to file their responses.

The latest request follows similar requests from Elon Musk’s company, X.

The European Union’s executive body launched the request on Thursday, citing the spread of misinformation on social media following the recent Hamas attack on Israel.

For Meta, this request is related to the spread of false information and illegal content. The EC has also requested information on mitigation measures taken by Meta to protect the integrity of elections.

In relation to TikTok, the commission is seeking details about the app’s efforts to combat the spread of terrorist and violent content, as well as hate speech and how TikTok follows laws to protect minors online.

Under new regulations introduced through the Digital Services Act (DSA), which came into effect recently, major online platforms are now required to take more proactive steps in removing illegal and harmful content.

The DSA and the Digital Markets Act (DMA) have given the EU the tools to challenge the power of big tech and impose strict new regulations on how they operate.

The DSA, which applies to “very large” platforms such as Meta and TikTok, bans illegal content online under threat of fines of up to 6 percent of a company’s annual global turnover.

The war between Israel and Hamas has tested these new rules, as social media platforms have seen an increase in misinformation, including manipulated images and mislabeled videos.

Meta is expected to provide the requested information to the European Commission by October 25, 2023 regarding its response to the crisis and by November 8 regarding the protection of the integrity of elections.

Failure to provide satisfactory answers may lead to the initiation of investigations against these tech giants by the Commission.

Meta stated that it has established a specialized operations center to monitor and respond to the evolving situation.

“Our teams work around the clock to keep our platforms safe, take action on content that violates our policies or local laws, and coordinate with third-party fact-checkers in the region to limit the spread of misinformation,” a Meta spokesperson said. ». BBC news.

We are happy to provide further details of this work, beyond what we have already shared, and will respond to the European Commission.

TikTok says it is reviewing Brussels’ request and will provide more information about its ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of its European users.

“We will publish our first transparency report under this law [new law] Next week, where we will provide more information about our ongoing work to keep our European community safe, said a TikTok spokesperson.

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