To get weather information, you have to look at your phone.


Imagine waking up for an early morning run, looking out the window, and deciding to go for a run, only to be hit by a downpour you weren’t expecting. Or dressing for the office in a comfortable polo and chinos only to get caught in an unfamiliar cold front. Leaving your teeth chattering and your day ruined. That’s a reality we left behind long ago when smartphones developed weather apps to keep us informed. However, if you’re an Apple Watch user, you may feel transported back to the 1990s as its app is unusable in one aspect.

According to the company’s own system status web page, the app is experiencing an outage that is causing many users to be unable to access the service. Common results when checking the app are slowly updated data, a message saying there is no currently updated data, or even the inability to access the data. What makes this situation more irritating for some users is the fact that this is a core app that comes pre-installed on all iPhones and Apple Watches.

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Apple Weather took over for a better app

Like all big companies, especially tech companies, Apple used its power to acquire a smaller company and then tried to integrate it into its own system. Dark Sky was a weather app used and loved by many. Because it was widely used, Apple bought the app in 2020. The result was the displacement of Android users in favor of an Apple-specific interface, and what followed was an attempt to take everything users loved about Dark Sky and integrate it into a new app in the Apple store, WeatherKit API.

Now that the weather app is clearly not meeting user expectations, many Apple customers are asking them to return Dark Sky or find a third-party app to provide their customer base with something viable.

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How big is this problem?

Apple is a large technology company with many resources behind it, so its end should be in sight quite soon. Companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft are used to discovering errors in their systems and fixing them. But there is an added layer to this problem, since it actually started in the spring. Finding out that this problem has been present all summer without a solution is a little disconcerting for customers.

As far as fixing it on your end, it seems like there are only easy options that you’ve probably already tried. The most common suggestions are to uninstall and reinstall the app, update your phone’s software to the latest version of iOS, or make sure your location and access settings are correct. However, until Apple can fix the problem, you may just need to bring an umbrella or coat on a sunny day, just in case.

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