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Welcome to the 506 weekly version of Android apps. Once again, we have brought you the latest news and programs of the previous week. Let’s start with some of the biggest headlines from last week:

  • X, formerly Twitter, announced that its new Not-a-Bot subscription is available in New Zealand and the Philippines. A $1/year subscription is required for all new account holders, although existing accounts will not be affected.
  • Google Photos now adds support for RAW photos, automatically uploading both RAW files and JPEG files. Archiving RAW files is certainly useful, but keep in mind that these files can take up a lot of space.
  • Whatsapp finally supports a second account on one device without having to go through multiple hoops. However, you still need a phone number per account, so this only works with dual-SIM devices.
  • Speaking of Whatsapp, the app now officially accepts passkeys for login authentication. It allows you to use your face, PIN or fingerprint to log in.
  • Google Wallet announced that it is expanding its digital government ID support to three new states: Georgia, Arizona, and Colorado. That brings the total to four, as Google initially tested the feature for Maryland residents.
  • Google Play Protect is getting a new update that now asks if you want to scan an app before installing it.
  • YouTube is implementing several new features on its site that will make it easier to find content, prevent interruptions, and provide an even more stable audio experience. Changing the sound in Youtubes Stable Volume reduces the volume difference from video to video.

Android Apps Weekly: The best new apps and games of the week

Looking for some new Android apps and Android games to keep you busy? Below we take a look at some of our favorite deals for this week. This week we have three games and two application offers.

Gacha life 2

  • Price: Free with ads
  • Date of Release: October 12

Gacha Life 2 has finally arrived on Android. Sequel to the popular dress-up and role-playing game, you can get your own anime characters and add accessories and more. While the gameplay is largely the same general premise as Gacha Life and Club, there is a new art style, new accessories, new color slider, and many other improvements. Overall it’s a big upgrade, especially graphically.

warm snow

  • Price: $8.75
  • Date of Release: October 12

Warm Snow is a roguelike Chinese martial arts game that has been a hit on Steam and now it’s on Google Play. The mobile version includes Endless Mode and DLC1 baked right in. There are also several mobile enhancements designed to be more compatible with the on-the-go nature of Android phones. In our time with it, we found the game to be very fun and easy to jump into.

eighty kingdom

  • Price: $4.99
  • Date of Release: October 14

The latest installment in the Kingdom series continues the side-scrolling action that many of us know and love, but this time with a twist from the 80s. The characters and animations are all clearly meant to evoke the nostalgia of 80s franchises like E.T., Back to the Future and so on. Once again you build and fight, but this time the story is a little more focused. This game will set you back $5, but it’s perfect for those looking for an ad-free premium experience that’s easy to get into.


  • Price: Free with in-app purchases
  • Date of Release: October 16

Your phone is possessed by the ghost of Franz. He has his own will and desires, and you can learn more about them through phone notifications and visual novel gameplay. As the story progresses, you have to make moral choices and tough decisions. The game is mostly pressing commands, listening to prompts, and trying to puzzle it all together.

Niji’s trip

  • Price: Subscription is required
  • Date of Release: October 19

Midjourney is one of the best AI image generators in the world, and now you can access its power directly from an app. Well, in a way, Niji Journey is made in partnership with Midjourney, although it has a more focused use case. The new app helps you create animated characters and scenes. You can get 20 generated images for free, you need a Midjourney subscription for full access.

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