Instagram finally uses a dynamic theme for the app icon on Android


  • Instagram’s Android app is finally updating its icon to support dynamic theming, allowing it to automatically borrow colors from the user’s active wallpaper.
  • While other social media apps have already adopted themed icons, Meta (Instagram’s parent company) has yet to update the app icon for Facebook.
  • Using a forced dynamic theme can improve the aesthetics of your homepage as long as all apps follow the themed icon trend. You can find the key to enable this feature on the main page of the Wallpaper & style app.

It was around this time last year that Android 13 made waves with support for dynamic icon themes – the next logical step towards home screen personalization after Android 12 introduced us to the Material You dynamic theme of other main UI elements. Several major apps, including Google’s own, were among the early adopters before the trend slowed down. However, some of the best social media apps surprisingly didn’t bother with icon theme support. Instagram is one such app, but it’s finally updating its Android app icon.

Themed icons use the same guidelines as you design them – Android’s Monet layout engine picks the primary colors of your active wallpaper and pairs them together to create a consistent yet highly contrasting color scheme that can be applied to elements such as shadows Notifications apply, quick settings. And Android 13’s in-app elements used the same color palette as the app icon theme, but for a while there were a lot of apps that didn’t use the theme icon. Later, the Android 13 beta gave us the option to force the icon theme for better aesthetics, even though the app developers didn’t accept this change. This feature worked well, but it wasn’t without flaws.

Icon with dynamic Instagram theme

Forced dynamic theming didn’t ruin the Instagram app icon on Android, but Meta didn’t bother to support the feature either. In a recent Telegram post, Apex Android expert Mishal Rahman shared that v307. of Instagram for Android finally includes a dynamic theme for icons. As a result, anyone who updates the app will now see an Instagram icon on their home screen that automatically borrows colors from the active wallpaper.

Instagram has been strict, but Rahman observes that Meta isn’t done with its app icon updates, as the main Facebook app still has a light blue app icon. Other social media apps like X, Twitch, Reddit, Discord, Mastodon, LinkedIn, and Threads have all switched to themed icons. Hopefully Facebook will change the icon meta soon as well, because having just a few unthemed icons in a folder or home page full of decently colored ones can significantly detract from the beauty of a dynamic theme. Until this change happens, or other apps on your home screen catch up, you can continue to create a dynamic theme. The guarantee is on Main Page tab from Wallpaper and style Program

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