Unisys unveils quantum-powered logistics optimization tool for airlines

Unisys, a global technology solutions company, has introduced Unisys Logistics Optimization, the first advanced analytics solution powered by quantum energy. The new tool aims to help airlines maximize revenue in their cargo operations by providing solutions to complex logistics problems in seconds, as opposed to traditional computational tools that take years to collect and learn from operational data.

As logistics costs increase, organizations are looking for new ways to streamline the shipping process, improve customer experience, and increase revenue. Unisys Logistics Optimization delivers these capabilities by combining artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics and quantum computing.

This solution provides an optimal plan for airlines by determining the most efficient and cost-effective way to package, store and route cargo across multiple vehicles. The groundbreaking tool uses pre-trained models to deliver these results quickly.

MAB Kargo Sdn Bhd (MASkargo), the cargo division of Malaysia Airlines Group, has piloted Unisys Logistics Optimization. Currently, MASkargo flight planners spend a significant portion of their time manually allocating cargo to Unit Load Devices (ULDs), which results in high operational costs. The Unisys solution provides flight planners with a graphic load plan designed to maximize their cargo capacity while managing priority shipments in line with customer expectations.

Commenting on the initiative, MASkargo CEO Mark Jason Thomas said: “MASkargo is constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency, improve customer experience and touchpoints. Our collaboration with Unisys leverages quantum computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning. “It is an important step towards digitization. Learning to optimize processes, support network planning and ensure strong and clear communication of accurate information.”

Unisys Logistics Optimization delivers immediate and sustainable value to our customers. While it does not require additional data training for deployment, its accuracy is gradually optimized through daily use and does not require existing IT infrastructure or operational changes.

Chris Arasmith, senior vice president of enterprise computing solutions at Unisys, said, “Containing logistics costs is mission critical, and companies are looking for solutions that meet this critical need. And the best of classical and new quantum computing architectures, which enable us Create real-time value for customers.”

Unisys Logistics Optimization, designed for air cargo, ground transportation, and transportation, seeks to optimize logistics in three ways: capacity by evaluating loading strategies and identifying unused space. Inventory, forecasting and prescribing locations and inventory packaging requirements to avoid costly claims; and routing, by evaluating all potential route options to prescribe an optimal travel plan.

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