iPhone 15 Pro Max 5X Portrait: Is it better than 3X or 2X for people photos?

The lens, an impressive piece of technology where light bounces off four prisms to reach the sensor. This is a very “Apple” way of doing things, as most other manufacturers use a periscope style or folded zoom lens that takes up a lot more space inside the phone.

You can also use this new 5X zoom lens for portrait mode photos, but unfortunately that means you don’t get 3X portrait mode on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

So how does this work for portrait mode photos? Do portrait mode photos 5X on iPhone 15 Pro Max Better than 3X portrait photos iPhone 15 Pro?

Or is it better to just use 2X mode, which is supported even on the regular iPhone 15?
We took some photos to show you the results of each of these cameras, but first let’s start with an overview:
  • 2 x 48 mm clear iPhone 15 Pro series, 52 mm clear iPhone 15/15 Plus uses the 1X sensor crop of the main camera
  • 3 x 72 mm clear iPhone 15 Proa dedicated lens
  • 5X 120 mm clear iPhone 15 Pro Maxa proprietary lens said to be several times more expensive than the 3X camera

Scene 1 – Say “Cheese”!

On the first shot, we had to pull back a bit from what we normally shoot to even compose on camera with the new 5X. iPhone 15 Pro Max.

But the result looks really impressive in the viewfinder. Because of the longer focal length, the background appears compressed and all the focus is on our model. We were outside and backing up wasn’t a problem, but in tighter spaces that’s not always possible.

At the same distance, using a 3X camera you get what photographers refer to as a “cowboy shot,” meaning the subject is taken from the knees up. We’re guessing a cowboy’s pistols somewhere in that area, hence the reference.

At the same distance, using a 2X camera, you get a full shot with a lot of background. You can see where we shot and it’s more of an environmental portrait.

Each of these photos uses the f/4.5 preset. This produces very creamy bokeh on the 5X lens, but not so much on the others. If we wanted to edit these images to our liking, we’d need to boost the bokeh for the 3X and 2X shots to get better resolution, but luckily that’s really easy to do in the Photos app.

Scene 2 – Strike a pose

Here’s another photo showing the kind of results you get at 2X, 3X, and 5X.

The 5X shot looks nice, but keep in mind that we could have gotten closer to a tighter background using the 3X lens or the 2X lens, whereas you don’t really have that versatility with the 5X lens.

Scene 3 – Autumn colors

In this next shot, because of the creamy background, the 5X shot is the one that most closely resembles the results you’d get from a professional camera.

However, you can edit 2X or 3X photos by reducing the aperture and achieve a similar result.

Scene 4 – All about Bokeh

If you want to separate your subject from the background, the 3X and 5X zoom cameras do a great job. However, don’t forget that you can also zoom in with your feet using the 2X camera to get a close-up view. When you’re using a 3X camera, and especially when you’re using a 5X zoom camera, you don’t always have the ability to zoom with your feet.


Is there a “best lens” for portraits?

New 5X zoom lens on iPhone 15 Pro Max It takes portrait photos of the face with a blurred background that looks like a professional camera, and you’ll get that look by default. It impresses, but such a long zoom range takes you away from your subject and limits you to this “face shot” look. So especially for taking photos of people, the 5X zoom lens feels a bit limited.

At the same time, it might be great if you have pets that you like to photograph. You can keep your distance, don’t disturb the animal and still get a great shot.

The good old ones 3X zoom lens on iPhone 15 Pro It is much more capable and versatile for photographing people. You can reach in and get a close-up portrait, or you can step away for more of a “cowboy shot.” It also works with pets, but admittedly not as well as the 5X lens.

Eventually, 2X zoom on iPhone 15which uses sensor cropping also looks great and we’re all happy iPhone 15 Models have it. This focal length is great for tighter spaces and when you want to capture more of the environment, and we make the most of it. It also works well for portrait shots where there are multiple people in the frame.

Eventually, 1X zoom Portrait mode was not shown in this article. It’s a very useful lens for group shots, but for a single person, it forces you to get too close and distort facial features in a way that doesn’t look good. This is the lens we use the least for portrait mode photos.

So… what’s your preferred focal length for portrait shots? And do you even take a lot of portrait shots with blurred backgrounds?

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