IT leaders are grappling with new priorities: security, AI and CX

In response to years of economic volatility and rapid advances in technology, IT leaders’ priorities are changing. No longer solely responsible for keeping systems up to date and managing security issues, many are being asked to do more with fewer resources. While digital transformation and systems integration remain a constant experience, customer and employee experience, artificial intelligence and data security must now be a priority.

We Recently reviewed 1,200 global IT leaders found that high competition, rising customer expectations and new artificial intelligence tools are all contributing to this transformation in IT roles and responsibilities. To stay ahead of these changes and respond to new challenges, here are our top three recommendations for IT leaders:

  1. Invest in CX and EX for better results

IT leaders have long noted the connection between customer and employee experience. High employee satisfaction and retention leads to positive and sustainable experiences for customers and vice versa. Our research shows that the vast majority of IT leaders think that both CX and EX are high priorities, with 70% reporting a high level of pressure across the organization for IT decisions that improve the customer experience. They increase, they have.

To foster a better customer experience, businesses must invest in tools that are secure, up-to-date, and allow for personalization while ensuring consistency across their organization. We’ve found that many IT leaders believe their current CX vendors can do more to address concerns like data security and privacy, so investing in tools that work to achieve compliance across multiple privacy frameworks is critical. .

  1. Continually evaluate your privacy and data security strategy

Data privacy and security are important to IT leaders, with 87 percent of those we surveyed saying they have become a high priority in the past three years. There are many reasons why businesses are re-evaluating their security and data privacy strategies, including increased risks of cyber security attacks, rising consumer expectations, and increased data privacy laws and regulations.

Businesses must increase their investment in data privacy and security over the long term to build trust between employees, customers and their tools. Updated data privacy and security measures give businesses a strategic advantage and enable them to earn the highest level of customer trust.

  1. Take a cautious approach to AI investments

AI may already be an industry mainstay, but many IT leaders report feeling overwhelmed and struggling to prioritize where and how to integrate AI into their workflow. Despite pressure from investors and customers to use artificial intelligence to save money, 57 percent of IT leaders report skills gaps in their organization when it comes to emerging IT technologies.

Despite the uncertainty, AI cannot be ignored. Businesses should seek expert input from their partners and vendors to fill skill gaps. With so many third-party AI tools available, it’s critical that IT leaders take a smart approach to AI investments. AI built for customer service should use customer data in a secure and consistent way to help your customers achieve clarity while increasing efficiency for agents.

Be ahead of change

The importance of CX, EX, data security and AI for IT leaders cannot be understated. To stay competitive amid economic uncertainty and a rapidly changing digital landscape, businesses are forced to reassess their technology stack and priorities. Ensuring compliance, filling knowledge gaps with AI, and striving to provide a better customer and employee experience are critical, but all are critical to achieving better business results.

Well-strategized CX and EX can improve results, protect sensitive data with advanced privacy and security, and build trust, and addressing skills gaps around new AI technologies can help businesses in Help save money and increase efficiency in the long run.

For a more comprehensive understanding of how IT leaders are navigating these new challenges with security, AI, CX and EX, click here For our full report

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