Israel-Hamas: How an artificial intelligence photo of a baby fooled social media users

The war between Israel and Hamas has produced so much false or misleading information online that even fact-checkers and analysts struggle. Social media is full of misleading posts and artificial intelligence is making it worse.


Since the start of the war on October 7, most of the misinformation has been about old videos and pictures attributed to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

But now, we’re also starting to see images whose origins are impossible to trace. Because they are generated using artificial intelligence (AI).

One such artificial intelligence-generated image that has been circulating online is of a child partially buried under rubble.

Although many social media users have expressed doubts about its authenticity, many people, including a Gaza-based journalist, are still interested in it.

How can you tell if an image is generated by artificial intelligence? The first thing that is very noticeable is the exaggerated expression of the face, especially in the chin and forehead of the child.

When we look closely, it looks like the baby has extra fingers. This is because although AI has gotten better at creating human-like images, it still has trouble reproducing some body parts, including hands and feet.

The cube was also foundPrevious posts This AI-generated image previously surfaced on social media in February 2023 after earthquakes rocked Turkey and Syria.

A baby created by artificial intelligence It has been used by demonstrators In support of Palestine around the world including in Cairo, Egypt recently.

French newspaper Libération was recently criticized for showing a protester holding a banner with an AI-generated baby. on the front cover

several social media users said The newspaper published fake news By not explicitly stating the objector’s image created by artificial intelligence.

Many of the signs waved at the Oct. 17 protests were actually generated by artificial intelligence, which in recent months has become as much a staple of protest art as puppets, puppets or skeletons used to be. tap Editor-in-Chief of Liberation, Doo Alfon.

Should it have been mentioned at least in the description of the photo that the protester is touching the image of artificial intelligence? Probably yes, Dove Alphonse said, but the Associated Press headline didn’t mention it, either due to omission or lack of time, and neither did we. This is obviously unfortunate.

Although this particular photo produced by artificial intelligence is very easy to recognize, the advancement of technology is leading to increasingly reliable results.

You may remember the viral image of Pop in a very stylish puffer jacket He deceived the journalists In March this year

Currently, platforms that generate AI images such as Dall-E and Stable Diffusion have placed restrictions on graphic and political images that have helped slow down the production of war-related disinformation.

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