Lost Apple Watch Ultra recovered from lake after three months

Apple Watch has been certified water resistant up to 50 meters deep since Series 2. With the Apple Watch Ultra, which has a more rugged design to withstand the most challenging scenarios you can imagine, water resistance has been increased to a depth of up to 100 meters. meters. But what happens if you put your Apple Watch under water for months? 9to5Mac Reader Amir Noorani seems to have the answer.

Apple Watch Ultra survives three months underwater

No, Noorani did not purposely test the resistance of her first-generation Apple Watch Ultra. Unfortunately, he lost it in a lake, but the story had a happy ending after all.

Our reader, who lives in Los Angeles, told us that he was in Austin, Texas, when he decided to take a dip in Lake Travis, known for many recreational activities such as boating, swimming, and diving. The Apple Watch Ultra band is designed not to come off easily, but in this case, Noorani was wearing a silicone band with his watch.

When I was about 30 feet underwater, the watch band came loose and the Apple Watch sank into the lake. Noorani tried to recover her Apple Watch Ultra right after losing it, but had no luck. “I ended up hiring a diver after I dropped a marker but they couldn’t find it,” he told us.

Since there wasn’t much else to do, Noorani enabled Lost Mode on her Apple Watch through the Find My app on her iPhone. By doing so, the Apple Watch would display a message to anyone who could find it later. Surprisingly, someone found Noorani’s lost Apple Watch, but not after a few days, but after three months.

“Three months later I received a call saying they had found the watch. “I live in Los Angeles, but my brother was able to meet the diver and recover the watch,” the owner said. The Apple Watch was covered in dirt and he was able to remove most of it. But the Apple Watch was still on?

At first it wasn’t like that. But after the person who found the watch left it plugged into the charger for days, the watch turned on and has been working “perfectly” ever since. “[It’s] a testament to Apple engineering,” Noorani says with relief.

Apple Watch Ultra durability put to the test when user recovers it from a lake after months
Noorani’s Apple Watch Ultra after being found and cleaned

Waterproof devices

Earlier this year, we wrote about another man who recovered his Apple Watch days after dropping it in the sea, thanks to Find My. There was also another case about a student who recovered his iPhone a week after he dropped it into a lake. In this case, the person who found the iPhone was able to contact the owner thanks to Emergency Contacts.

What can we learn from all this? Well, your Apple products may be tougher than you expect, and it’s always a good idea to use Find My or add an emergency contact so other people can contact you in situations like this.

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