Cleveland Clinic, IBM Leads New Quantum Computing for Health Projects

The Wellcome Trust has selected the Cleveland-IBM Discovery Accelerator to deliver quantum computing for biological and health applications through the Wellcome Leap Quantum for Bio Challenge.

Why is it important?

Q4Bio by Wellcome Leap, a US-based non-profit organization with the aim of accelerating and increasing the number of advances in global health, seeks to develop health applications that demonstrate the benefits of quantum computing and are expected to emerge in the next three to five years. . .

In addition to an award of up to $40 million to fund two projects that focus on disease manifestation and the use of quantum physics to prevent and treat cancer, the team may receive a $10 million challenge award for successful, scalable technologies and approaches. .

Cleveland Clinic and IBM installed the first quantum system dedicated to health care research on the main campus earlier this year, according to an announcement Wednesday.

Since Cleveland Clinic and IBM announced their intention to advance biomedical research through high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing in 2021, Cleveland Clinic-IBM Discovery Accelerator researchers have been working on a series of projects that will yield large amounts of discoveries. produce and analyze quickly. Data for a wide range of disease-focused research.

Cleveland Clinic and IBM said the deployment of the quantum system was a key milestone in the organizations’ 10-year partnership.

For Q4Bio, the accelerator focuses on predicting protein conformation with quantum computing, which can lead to new insights into how proteins function and interact with other molecules to better understand disease manifestations and develop more targeted and effective therapies.

The team will work to develop quantum algorithms and workflows to explore how they can help create universal and scalable methods to more accurately and rapidly predict protein structures.

For the second project, Algorithmiq is joining colleagues to develop a set of computational tools aimed at exploring how quantum computing can help develop photon-activated drugs for cancer.

Quantum Computing for Photon-Drug Interactions in Cancer Prevention and Treatment uses Algorithmiqs drug discovery platform Aurora, which uses IBM quantum hardware, and Cleveland Clinics drug application development experience.

Bigger trend

Quantum computing turbocharges healthcare data analysis, benefiting medical imaging, pathology and more.

“This technology promises to revolutionize healthcare and accelerate progress toward new care, treatments and solutions for patients,” Cleveland Clinic CEO Dr. Tom Mihalovich said in a statement announcing the health system’s deployment of IBM Quantum System One. .

He added: “Quantum and other advanced computing technologies will help researchers tackle historical scientific bottlenecks and potentially find new treatments for patients with diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.”

Using quantum physics to help destroy cancer cells A study announced by Kyoto University in 2021 used X-rays on tumor tissue containing iodine-carrying nanoparticles, which killed the cancer cells within three days.

At the time, the researchers said they were able to produce a quantum physics phenomenon inside a cancer cell by producing low-energy electrons close to the DNA and causing damage that is difficult to repair, ultimately leading to programmed cell death.

on record
When the IBM supercomputer was first deployed at the Cleveland Clinic last March, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna noted how the quantum system would enable researchers to “explore and discover new scientific breakthroughs in biomedical research. Combining the power of quantum computing, artificial intelligence and more”. Manufacturing technologies with Cleveland Clinic’s world-renowned leadership in healthcare and life sciences, we hope to ignite a new era of accelerated discovery.”

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