How AI is reshaping coaching for Gen Z workers

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The relationship between a mentor and a mentee is one of the most important relationships that can be built in a career. Mentors answer mentees’ questions, help them build skills, provide networking opportunities, and can guide career development. Now, many of the tips and values ​​that mentors provide are slowly being replicated by AI tools.

How exactly AI is used for guidance varies greatly. Among the more common use cases are predictive AI tools that match coaches and trainers within organizations, which have traditionally been a bit of a pain for companies.

Both predictive and generative AI are used to help employees get answers to their job-related questions from sources inside and outside their organization and help them learn new skills. Experts predict that over time, AI will improve the way it mimics human coaching and potentially do a better job of making these relationships more accessible and personalized.

“Democratizing coaching, but I would say that democratizing development for people is one of the best areas of opportunity that I see for AI in general,” said Erin Clarke, director of corporate and business unit strategy at Deloitte US.

Traditional mentoring opportunities disappeared during the pandemic and the rise of remote working as businesses grappled with the new work reality. But just like those before them, younger workers, especially those in Generation Z, crave guidance early in their careers. That, plus multiple reports that this generation in particular has heightened anxiety, in part due to joining the workforce during the pandemic, is more important than mentoring being a central component of their development.

Adaptation of the coach

Chronus is a predictive AI platform that helps companies scale their coaching programs by matching coaches and trainers across their organization.

David Satterwhite, CEO, Chronus Predictive AI Platform.

It matches people based on preferences, skills, past experience, timing and other factors to find the best fit. It collects data on how coaches and mentors respond to questions on their profiles and tracks progress and results during matches to determine what’s working best and how to improve.

“There are certain groups that are knocking down doors to get mentorship, and if you let that happen, it’s often people who are excluded from traditional groups that don’t participate in that process.”

David Satterwhite, CEO of Kronos, said: “There are certain groups that are knocking on doors to get mentorship, and if you let it happen, it’s often people who are excluded from traditional groups that don’t participate in the process.” He added: A systematic process so that you use coaching throughout the company at any size and in a very inclusive way.

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