Man loses his Apple Watch Ultra in a lake and discovers that it works even after 3 months

We heard Apple talk about the durability of the Apple Watch Ultra at the launch event. Many reviewers have also affirmed the claims by subjecting it to tough outdoor routines. However, at a recent event, the Apple Watch Ultra marked its biggest test of durability when a user accidentally dropped it into a lake. While the Apple Watch Ultra comes with water resistance up to a depth of 100 meters (double that of the Apple Watch Series 9, at 50 metres), not many would have expected it to survive in a lake after being underwater for three months. complete. . But, according to one report, that’s exactly what happened.

9to5Mac chronicled the incident that occurred with Amir Noorani, a reader of the website. According to the report, Noorani, a user of the first-generation Apple Watch Ultra, took it on a trip to Austin, USA. There, he decided to engage in water recreation activities on Lake Travis, such as boating, swimming, and diving. During one of those diving explorations, the watch band came loose and the Apple Watch Ultra sank to the bottom of the lake.

Apple Watch Ultra shows remarkable durability

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with special straps that don’t come off easily. However, in this case, Noorani was wearing a silicone band that came off. The unfortunate incident occurred when she was at a depth of 30 feet (approximately 9 meters) and watched helplessly as the smartwatch sank to the bottom. Even when she tried to grab him as he fell, it was useless.

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“I ended up hiring a diver after dropping a marker but they couldn’t find it,” he told 9to5Mac.

At this point, there really wasn’t much I could do. So as a last resort, you enabled Lost Mode on your Apple Watch through the Find My app on your iPhone. This would display a message to anyone who finds it later and helps return it to the owner. After that, Noorani returned to her home in Los Angeles.

Surprisingly, someone ended up finding it and contacted Noorani to come pick it up. But this happened after a period of three months.

Three months later I received a call informing me that the watch had been found. I live in Los Angeles, but my brother was able to meet the diver and recover the watch, Noorani said. The Apple Watch Ultra was covered in dirt and grime, which he was able to remove with some effort, at least most of it.

But did it turn on? He didn’t do it right away, but after charging the smartwatch for several days, it finally turned on. [It is] “A testament to Apple engineering,” Noorani said.

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