The double tap gesture comes to Apple Watch 9 and Watch Ultra 2: all custom actions

As promised during the unveiling of the Watch Series 9, Apple is bringing its long-awaited double-tap gesture to the Watch 9 and Watch 2 Ultra. What is so important about the gesture that deserves a dedicated press release from Apple about the arrival of double tap in its watchOS 10.1 edition? Well, many!

Apple Watch Double Tap Gesture Actions in watchOS 10.1

There are 10 main actions in the watchOS interface that you can induce on your Watch 9 or Watch Ultra 2 with a simple finger pinch gesture and Apple lists them as follows:
  • Answer and end calls.
  • Snooze an alarm.
  • Play or pause music, podcasts and audiobooks.
  • Initiate a primary notification action (message reply, snooze reminders) also from third-party apps.
  • Take a photo of your iPhone with the camera remote in the Camera app.
  • View the message from the notification, scroll through longer ones with an extra double tap, dictate to reply and send.
  • Open Smart Stack from any watch face and scroll through the stack widgets.
  • Pause, resume, or end a stopwatch or timer.
  • Switch to the new Elevation view in the Compass app.
  • Start or pause automatic training reminders.

Customizing the Apple Watch Double Tap Gesture

Needless to say, the double-tap gesture will only grow in importance when it comes to Apple Watch actions you can initiate as upcoming editions of watchOS and upcoming Watch versions only add to the gesture’s list of abilities.

For example, while the double-tap gesture initiates the primary action that a notification or app assumes, such as replying to a message, in some cases those actions can be further customized. Instead of playing/pausing music, audiobooks or podcasts, gesture settings can be changed to skip to the next media content. Additionally, the Apple Watch user can choose whether to scroll through Smart Stack widgets or choose the first available one when performing a double-tap gesture.

Apple Watch models that support double-tap gestures

Apple is quick to point out that all this is only possible thanks to the power given to the Watch 9 and Watch Ultra 2 by the new S9 chipset that consumes a quarter less power than its predecessor, as well as the improved quad-core Neural Engine. coprocessor that doubles the speed of AI calculations and the tasks that depend on them.

In other words, get the Watch 9 or Watch Ultra 2, Apple suggests, if you want access to the magic of the double-tap gesture that overcomes the challenge of interacting with a smaller smartwatch screen.

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