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Every great streaming service has a collection of worthy movies that you can watch. Unfortunately, due to the fractured nature of the streaming landscape, it’s nearly impossible to track which titles are on which service.

Prime Video has an ideal mix of archived titles and originals, and one of those archived titles is worth checking out before leaving the service. Bad news bearOne of the best sports movies of the 1970s. Here are three reasons you should check out Prime Video before it’s released at the end of October.

This is the template for all your favorite sports movies

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If you’ve ever loved a sports movie about a group of kids, chances are you will too.Bad news bear. The film follows an alcoholic ex-professional who begins coaching a minor league team.

The film’s rag tag team is filled with the foulest kids you’re likely to meet, and Tatum O’Neals’ lead role cemented him as one of the big young stars of the 1970s. Most importantly, the film resolves with the realization that kids’ sports don’t need to be overly competitive. Baseball is supposed to be fun, and the second it stops being fun, it seems pointless to play.

It shows Walter Matthau at the height of his powers

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As Morris Buttermaker, Walter Matthau has perhaps never been better. Although he spends a large portion of the film interacting with the children, Matteo manages to sell every interaction and play the role of a coach who genuinely cares about the players on his team.

The scenes he shares with O’Neill are especially admirable, full of the kind of banter that only an actor like Matao can deliver. Few people could play a growler as well as him, but what made Matthaus the growler work so well is that you could always sense that there was a soft, sultry center underneath waiting to emerge.

It has a lot of romance about baseball

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Few sports translate to the big screen as much as baseball andBad news bearIt knows how to use the tension and romanticism that sports can create. Baseball is a sport filled with interpersonal drama andBad news bearPartly because we fully understand how they play together as a team, it makes each character on this misfit team feel like a person.

Not every great sports movie is about baseball, but there are more great sports movies about baseball than any other sport.Bad news bearIt’s right up there with the best.

Bad news bear It will air on Prime Video until November 1, 2023. If you are a soccer fan, check out the 5 best soccer movies ever made.

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