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Despite the many wonderful film adaptations that have come out of her work, Jane Austen is still seen, at least in certain circles, as old-fashioned or boring as many 19th-century authors. If you’re under the illusion that Austen’s work isn’t interesting, all you have to do is watch Joe Wright’s 2005 adaptation. Pride and Prejudice.

Although the film is a faithful adaptation of its source material, it comes to life almost immediately, using its story conventions to its advantage. Unfortunately, if you want to catch the movie on Netflix, you only have until the end of October. Here are three reasons why you should take the time to do so.

This material never looks dull or uninteresting

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Despite its setting (a collection of English estates) and its subject matter (a love story between two people who are unable to express their feelings to each other), Wright’s Pride and PrejudiceIt always feels full of life

The main romance, between a young woman discovering the world and a man trying his best to protect his friends, is a comedy of errors and lost connections, but what makes the film work is that it feels Make yourself sad right next to the main characters. As they move slowly towards each other.

Pride & Prejudice knows how to make the most of its sexual tension

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There are many moving parts to the storyPride and Prejudice, but at its heart is the budding relationship between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. As byatonementKeira Knightley and SuccessionMatthew McFadyen, respectively, this relationship is almost entirely about the possibility of flickering.

At one point, early in the film, Darcy touches Elizabeth’s hand to help her into a carriage, and then bends and squeezes it, as if trying to push her away. slow It’s a moment that perfectly illustrates how masterfully Wright can play out the chemistry between these two characters, even as their relationship remains remarkably pure.

The opposite is constipation

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If you’re not already convinced that a period drama is worth your time, that might be the best thing about itPride and PrejudiceAnd the thing about all well-done Austen adaptations is that they’re not at all stuffy or over-the-top as you might expect from a period piece. Instead, the film is full of life, whimsy, and humor.

Darcy’s Macfadyens may be a bit in the mud, but Elizabeth’s entire family is full of completely unique and distinct characters who all seem like real people. They may have lived in a time when manners meant everything, but that doesn’t mean these people don’t have real souls.

Pride and Prejudice It will be streaming on Netflix until November 1st.

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