Samsung Galaxy Watch Week: get your smartwatch to continuously track health data

Last update: November 1, 2023 at 13:31 UTC+01:00

Samsung Galaxy watches are more than smartwatches capable of displaying notifications and receiving phone calls from your wrist. They are smart health and fitness trackers packed with sensors.

By default, these sensors activate intermittently, but for a more accurate overview of your health and fitness, you can have the Galaxy Watch continuously track you. This is all you need to know.

Prepare your Galaxy Watch to track your health and fitness

To make the most of your smartwatch’s health and fitness data, you can enable continuous tracking of various parameters. Doing so may reduce battery life before you need to recharge the watch, but with modern Galaxy Watches getting better battery life and the One UI Watch 5 update improving battery life, it shouldn’t make much of a difference.

On Galaxy Watches, you can enable and continuously enable the following:

  • Heart rate tracking.
  • Track stress levels.
  • Monitoring blood oxygen during sleep.
  • Snoring detection.
  • Tracking skin temperature during sleep.
  • Automatic activity detection.

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To manage these settings on your Galaxy Watch with One UI Watch 5, swipe down on the watch face to access the quick toggle area or swipe up on the watch face to access the app drawer and open he “Settings” application.

Next, scroll down and tap “Health.” Then touch the “Heart rate” and “Stress” categories and select “Measure continuously.”

Additionally, you need to scroll down and tap “Snoring detection” and then select “Always.” You can also touch the ON/OFF buttons to enable “Blood oxygen during sleep” and “Skin temperature during sleep.” Optionally, you can use the skin temperature sensor and data to enable “Predicting period with skin temperature.”

Lastly, you can enable the “Activities to detect” Function for your Galaxy Watch to automatically detect every time you are starting an activity or workout. If you touch the “Activities to detect” option (not the ON/OFF option), you can enable or disable auto detection for activities individually.

With all of these fitness and health features always on, you’ll get the most out of your Galaxy Watch and the most data for the Samsung Health app. If you notice that your battery life is draining too quickly, you can disable some of these features. Alternatively, you can keep these features enabled at all times and try to recover battery life by manually turning off location when you don’t need it and always keeping the display OFF.

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