Microsoft warns that it may reduce its artificial intelligence services for too many users

Microsoft has changed the terms and conditions of its online services to warn that users will have access to too many of its artificial intelligence services.

The new language appeared in a Nov. 1 update to Microsoft Legal, spotted by license watchers Cloudy With A Chance Of Licensing.

The limitations that are described in the new paragraph of the document entitled “Capacity Limitations” are:

However, the document does not define “overuse,” how long a “temporary” restriction may last, or exactly what happens during a “break.”

Register It is also curious whether it is ethical to control an AI. After all, they have feelings.

But we digress.

The need for throttling points to bottlenecks in Microsoft’s AI architectures that can degrade performance for users, which could mean those who update Windows to start using its AI Copilot could end up with less-than-stellar service. . This could deter some from future use of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence, a poor result for the software giant.

Or maybe Microsoft just wants to keep costs down. The Windows giant has previously warned investors that scaling its cloud AI will be costly. In its earnings call on Oct. 24, the company revealed that capital expenditures reached $11.2 billion in the first quarter of 2024, part of which was spent on investments to develop our AI infrastructure. The company also noted that its margins are offset by the impact of scaling our AI infrastructure to meet growing demand.

That’s because all the servers and GPUs needed to power AI aren’t cheap. They also cost a lot to run, because they use electricity and transfer data out over Microsoft’s networks.

Preventing over-consumption from over-eager users can result in serious savings for Redmond.

It may be needed as Microsoft reports on GitHubs AI Copilot is losing money.

And speaking of Copilot: Microsoft said it made its 365 Copilot generator generally available this week, though as customers commented on that announcement, you’ll need an enterprise plan, at least 300 paid seats. Sign up for Copilot for $30/month. Must call Redmond Generally unavailable as expected. That’s exactly $9,000 a month.

Other AI providers already have some usage restrictions in place. OpenAI, for example, caps its API rate, explaining that it is necessary to ensure fair access to the API for everyone.

If one person or organization has too many requests, it may crash the API for everyone else. The document adds that by limiting the number of requests a user can make, OpenAI ensures that most people have a chance to use the API without experiencing slowdowns.

OpenAi also restricts access to its free tier. The Clothes Terms of Use state that if we believe you are not using the free tier in good faith, we may charge you standard fees or terminate your access to the Services.

The Midjourneys Terms of Service state that if you purchase an unlimited plan, we will reasonably attempt to provide you with unlimited access to the Services. However, we reserve the right to limit the rating for you to avoid quality degradation or disruption to other customers.

Register It has asked Microsoft to clarify the unclear terms in its new clause and will update this story if it receives a substantial response.

Laura Duberstein contributed to OpenAI legal reporting.

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