How Obama Helped President Biden Draft Artificial Intelligence Executive Order

Obama – who has been interested in artificial intelligence – helped the Biden team with the plan.

Former President Barack Obama helped draft a new White House AI policy that President Joe Biden unveiled earlier this week, according to aides familiar with the situation.

On Monday, Biden announced the administration’s AI policy, culminating in an executive order he signed. The plan also includes a task force run by the Department of Commerce to study and research emerging trends in artificial intelligence. Biden’s executive order aims to protect against threats posed by artificial intelligence, ensuring bad actors don’t use the technology to develop weapons of mass destruction or supercharge cyberattacks.

An Obama aide told ABC News that Obama — who has long been interested in artificial intelligence — helped the Biden team with the plan. Obama held meetings with AI industry leaders and pressed them not only about the national security concerns that AI raises, but also about other AI-related issues such as bias and discrimination, the aide said. informed

Obama also met with congressional leaders, including Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, to discuss the best ways to regulate artificial intelligence, one official said.

In 2016, the Obama White House released a report on how artificial intelligence could shape the world of the future, and since then, the former president has been engaged in ways that artificial intelligence and government can co-exist.

At a cabinet meeting earlier this month, Biden asked his cabinet to work together to draft policy recommendations on artificial intelligence — and the two departments, Commerce and Homeland Security, have taken the lead on national security policy recommendations. A White House official said Biden has instructed his advisers to adjust AI policy based on its importance.

In a statement to ABC News, White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zintz said: “President Biden has taken the most important steps on artificial intelligence of any government in the world. He has ordered his team to move quickly. And pull all the levers.” “And one of our best levers is listening to experts: from civil society to tech innovators to scientists — and even former presidents. Former President Obama’s advice for our aggressive strategy to take advantage of AI while “It’s been very important to minimize the risks.”

In turn, Obama reached out to industry leaders at AI companies and advocacy and civil society leaders concerned about AI. He also spoke with prominent academics and researchers to learn about the Biden administration’s approach, according to an Obama aide.

According to the White House official, the discussions between President Biden and Obama on the subject of artificial intelligence took place over lunch in June, and the two spoke “regularly.” The official also told ABC News that the president was involved every step of the way in drafting the executive order.

According to an Obama aide, Obama engaged the Biden administration to build on the work they had already started as they coordinated the White House’s response to create “a framework to deal with the real threats and harms posed by artificial intelligence.” they did

As part of an April lesson on artificial intelligence, President Biden received a demonstration of how Chat GPT works and saw an AI-generated image of himself and his dog, Commander. He was also shown deep fake videos of himself, according to a White House official.

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