According to artificial intelligence, sardine cans on airplanes will soon become the norm


Forget worrying about delays or restless passengers.

Cramped and uncomfortable seats can be the biggest concern for future flights.

OneShuser went viral When they shared an AI-generated image they were asked what the cabin of a Ryanair plane, a notorious low-cost airline serving Europe, might look like in the distant future.

Marius Nicolescu joked on Twitter that he was not disappointed.

Advanced technology produces an image with long rows of seats squeezed together as the plane faces each other.

Windows covered not only the walls but also the ceiling.

The real madness was seen in the middle of the plane, where four rows of seats were stacked.

Some of the seats seemed shrouded in darkness and enclosed, while others were off the ground and without railings.

Few passengers have to sit in their seats with their legs dangling in the air directly in the head space of the person below them.

like damn hell @doofgen said.

The only problem is that the people in the top row of seats will fall due to the turbulence. @GarnachoAura commented.

Did you sit across from someone for an entire flight? I’m good thanks, @npjem replied.

Many seats don’t even have a path to guide passengers to their seats.

Where is the ladder that you can sit on your chair? @Backfromsydney asked.

ATwitter user went viralWhen they shared an AI-generated image they were asked what the cabin of an Irish low-cost airline Ryanair might look like in the distant future.
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this is terrible @NtimsJP simply stated.

This futuristic image is the latest reimagining of what air travel could look like in the coming years.

Just last year, an image of a plane with double-decker seats sparked controversy.

The prototype, which was shown at the Air Show in Hamburg, Germany, features a lack of luggage storage in favor of space between the two rows.

Artificial intelligence technology created images to show what air travel could be like in the future.
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This leaves those in the top row only 4.92 feet between their seats and the top of the plane, meaning passengers cannot stand to exit.

The designer, Alejandro Nez Vicente, argued that passengers should already conform to the way current economy seats are designed.

Those sitting in the bottom row have the ability to stretch their legs because there are no seats directly in front of them. However, the problem with this row is that it can make some passengers feel more cramped than the middle seats now.

Netizens are shocked by the new seating arrangements that artificial intelligence is conceiving for the future of travel.
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New seating arrangements are just one of many predictions people have made for the future of travel.

Low cost European airlines easyJet commissioned a group of experts to predict what travel will look like in the next 50 years.

The airline predicts that biometric data will replace paperwork, luggage will all come with smart data tags, and packaging will become a thing of the past as clothes can be produced on the fly thanks to 3D printers.

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