Julia Louis-Dreyfus used artificial intelligence to write an acceptance speech

Julia Louis-Dreyfus knows how to make a crowd laugh.

The Veep star was the entertainment winner at the WSJ. This year’s 2023 Innovator Magazine Awards and took the stage to present their acceptance speech at MoMa in New York City on November 2. Louis-Dreyfus shared that she used AI chatbot ChatGPT to help her create a speech for the evening.

“As an entertainment innovator, I’m very, very busy innovating,” Louis Dreyfus, 62, said, according to TikTok, which shared a clip from the Wall Street Journal. So I did what any innovator worth his salt would do: I switched to Chat GPT-4.

It’s not clear what Louis Dreyfus typed to create the ChatGPT speech, but he confused the innovator with the investor and mistook her for Julia Roberts.

This is exactly what ChatGPT said, the actor starts. Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests and distinguished investors, today is a moment of deep gratitude and reflection for me as I accept the great honor of being recognized as The Wall Street Journal’s Investor of the Year.

Reflecting on this milestone, I am reminded of the unwavering support of my family and the unwavering dedication of my team that has been the driving force behind my investment and execution strategies at Erin Brockovich, Forgive Me and Mystic Pizza, she says in the speech. to Roberts’ films and not his own films.

Many people on the social media platform were struck by a part of his speech. Commentators noted that this is what her Veep character, Selina Meyer, would do.

But wait that would be an amazing Veep moment! User RickFlinchum wrote, with another user, Michele.jd, also adding, I feel like that’s what Selina Meyer is saying!

Another user, Chloe, also added that she was walking right up to Selena while she was speaking.

However, some questioned the request he made to ChatGPT. Tritio wrote, he clearly misspelled the originator in that request, while another commented, he clearly misspelled the originator in that request.

Louis-Dreyfus has kept audiences laughing for decades, and the actress recently revealed that her reaction to her breast cancer diagnosis in 2017 was just that: laughter.

Louis-Dreyfus was featured in the WSJ earlier this month. magazine where she described her reaction to being diagnosed, a day after she won her sixth Emmy for her work on “Veep.”

“I felt it was written,” he said, explaining his answer. It was like a terrible black comedy.

The actor has been in recovery for five years and shared that he is now paying more attention to his life.

“I find myself living more consciously,” she says. “It’s not like he’s constantly freaking out on me, but he’s got more of a laser focus.”

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