Artemis enables the “real” archery game at home in the living room with VR support

Crowdfunding for the archery video game Artemis has begun on Kickstarter. (Image: Kickstarter)

Artemis presents the archery experience as a video game, recently presented by Wonder Fitter and now available to order at a special price. It offers various video games and can be played on various platforms including VR.

Wonder Fitter has launched a Kickstarter campaign that combines gaming and exercise. Artemis makes archery with a “real” bow possible as a video game. This equipment can be purchased on the crowdfunding platform at a preferential price.

Starting at just US$99, this bundle offers a wide range of accessories, including various digital video games. There are other packages to choose from, such as wireless casters, additional accessories or two bows for multiplayer play.

Shipping will be worldwide and will begin in April 2024. Of course, the risks associated with such campaigns should always be kept in mind, even if the campaign is off to a strong start. It has so far managed to raise around US$150,000 and has already significantly exceeded its intended goal.

Artemis is modeled after a physical bow that can be held and drawn like the real thing. The Wonder Fitter promises a true archery experience, but without an actual arrow flying through your living room or game room. According to the manufacturer, Artemis also works your muscles and burns calories while playing.

There are various games to choose from, such as fruit shooting, target shooting or even wolf hunting. You can play alone or with multiple players online or via split screen on different platforms such as smart TVs, tablets, etc. It can also be played in VR via Meta Quest 2 or Pico 4. The video below offers a few more impressions of Artemis.

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