AstroBeam raises $3 million for multiplayer VR games

AstroBeam has raised $3 million in funding to create multiplayer experiences on virtual reality platforms.

The seed investment round was led by a group of notable investors, including The Venture Reality Fund, Anorak Ventures, Boost VC, TIRTA Ventures and Oculus founder Nate Mitchell. AstroBeams’ mission is to redefine multiplayer VR, making it more accessible, convenient and engaging for a wider audience.

Austin Studio founder Devin Reimer is the former CEO and CTO of Owlchemy Labs, creator of popular VR titles like Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator.

AstroBeam’s main focus is to create a multiplayer virtual reality environment that is easy to access and provides a natural way for friends to interact and have fun. To achieve this, the studio emphasizes natural hand tracking and voice communication with friends and non-playable characters (NPCs).


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“I’m excited to work on redefining multiplayer VR as something accessible, accessible and comfortable for the mainstream,” Reimer said in a statement. I believe a big part of this starts with input. Using your hands to directly interact with the virtual world and talk naturally with friends and NPCs will be a big change in this space.

Reimer has a history of creating innovative and successful VR experiences. He co-founded Owlchemy Labs, known for pushing the boundaries of VR gaming and entertainment. Job Simulator became a VR phenomenon and set records in the industry. Google acquired Owlchemy in 2017.

When we were initially creating Job Simulator, we had to rethink what a game was to harness the power of VR. I’m excited to do it again with multiplayer VR because it’s completely different. “I believe being with other people is VR’s greatest superpower, and I want to use it in a way that everyone can enjoy,” Reimer said.

AstroBeams’ ambition is to make multiplayer VR games accessible and enjoyable, ultimately attracting a more diverse audience to virtual reality and changing the way people interact with friends and virtual worlds.

This company has three people. “There are few big triggers for inspiration,” Reimer told GamesBeat in an email. I believe being with other people is a great superpower of virtual reality, but there are still few good examples in practice. VR has the potential to be a great place to hang out and have fun with friends, but I think it needs a major overhaul of what multiplayer gaming is.

In addition, I’ve been very input-focused in my career, he added. How to interact with games? Job Simulator was a major seismic shift in input. Ability to perform complex but natural interactions in the virtual world using positional tracking controllers. I feel very fortunate to have played a part in shaping this development.

He thinks they were on the verge of a revolution in space computing.

Your hands and voice Rymer said that hand tracking has finally reached the point where it can not only replace controllers, but make things better than controllers, in terms of accessibility, friction and comfort. Understanding language is another big change. The ability to speak is one of the most powerful forms of potential input, but technology has yet to handle this well. Interacting with other players, the world, and NPCs using only your hands and voice not only opens up huge new opportunities in game design, but also makes what we make more enjoyable for more people.

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