The Magic Leap 2 update claims greatly improved hand tracking, biometric ID, and more

Magic Leap 2’s big update claims to improve many of the device’s core capabilities.

With all that’s been happening in the XR space lately, it’s hard to believe that Magic Leap 2 has barely been out for over a year. The company continues to support and improve the device, including a major update released today (version 1.4.0) that it claims improves a wide range of core functionality.

Improvements to hand tracking and position tracking

Most notable, perhaps, is the claimed “sixfold” improvement in hand tracking accuracy, alongside a 10% reduction in latency. Although the device comes with a controller, hand tracking is the most accessible way to interact with the device, making this a very meaningful development.

In addition, the company says the headset’s position tracking has been improved, allowing virtual content to be more convincingly locked into the real world. In particular, the company claims that “an average of 63% improvement (for example, if the error was 2 cm when walking 2 meters, it is now 0.74 cm).

This improvement is thanks to “advancement in [real-time] Calibration” and the company says this could provide significant improvements for other systems that rely on headset camera tracking.

Biometric unlocking and authentication

The Magic Leap 2 v1.4.0 update also brings improvements to what the company calls Iris ID, an eye-based authentication method. The update allows users to unlock their headset with their unique eye scan, and developers can use the same system to authenticate and log into third-party apps.

Biometric ID is just one of many potential features that make eye tracking a game changer for XR devices.

Casting and Capturing have been improved

Today’s update improves the headset’s ability to send and record what’s happening in the headset to share with others. Details on the exact changes are currently scarce, with the company only hinting at the following:

  • Improves sharing of video streams from Magic Leap Hub
  • Improves the user experience for Capture
  • Removes artifacts in the third eye, improves opacity, and applies adjustments to all third eye streams.
  • Adds additional aspect ratio to support miracast standard resolution

But it’s clear that the company recognizes the importance of sharing a vision of what’s happening in the headset. “Effective, high-quality recording capabilities are essential for educating and engaging new audiences, creating compelling content, and maximizing enterprise value,” the company says.

Improve developers

This update also adds a range of improvements to make it easier for developers to work with the headset. In particular, Magic Leap says it’s focused on improving debugging capabilities.

It was introducing debugging and profiling tools that would provide developers with more practical information to test and optimize their applications and configurations.

These tools support the faster development of reliable, valuable and more complex augmented reality solutions for the organization. They enable developers and partners to self-service their application debugging on secure user-built devices. Developers can run profiling tools, decipher logs, and determine if there’s a problem with the app or the operating system.

Additionally, this update opens up developer access to the headset’s magnetometer digital compass, which tells the direction the headset is facing, allowing developers and users to calibrate the title for their specific location. This is important for real-world applications such as AR navigation.

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You can find full update details in the Magic Leap 2 v1.4.0 release notes here.

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