How an AI firm dissected disinformation early in the Israel-Hamas war

Troops search for identification and personal effects at the Supernova Music Festival site, where hundreds were killed and dozens taken by Hamas militants in October.

WASHINGTON When Hamas militants attacked Israel in early October, killing and abducting more than 1,000 people, videos, images and texts flooded social media. Rumors and bad information proliferated, blurring the line between reality and fiction. Primer’s artificial intelligence and data analysis company monitored the situation remotely using Command software. The company demonstrated its AI-based analytics …

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Meta, Apple and Google are cheering the FCC’s ruling, which could pave the way for new AR and VR applications.

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The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday agreed to open up a spectrum band for some devices, a move that could pave the way for new uses for augmented reality and virtual reality wearables. The agency voted unanimously to open up the 6 GHz band to what it calls a “new class of ultra-low-power devices” such …

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